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Why Choose Threedom Wheels

why 40years

With a Threedom Wheels Australia trike, trailer or sidecar you can be sure you're getting unparalleled performance with the most innovative and beautifully styled units on the market. With truly the most innovative suspension and body designs on the market, Threedom Wheels Australia's trikes, trailers & sidecars continue to lead the way. Whether you're cruising the freeways or tackling the curves, Threedom Wheels Australia's trikes, trailers & sidecars inspire complete confidence in every type of riding condition.


Highest Industry Standards In Safety & Comfort

Threedom Wheels Australia has earned an excellent record of performance, durability and safety. Threedom Wheels Australia's extensive experience in the industry, in conjuction with our suppliers, means decades of research, testing and design of optimal performance equipment with knowledge and attention dedicated to engineering, safety and comfort. Threedom Wheels Australia works hard to provide loyal customers with a safe and smooth ride for thousands of kilometres across the world.

Built to Last

Engineered for high performance and miles, Threedom Wheels Australia trikes, sidecars and trailers offer unmatched quality, precision engineering and design.

Take a test ride and let us show you how we’ve been the most trusted name in motorcycle after-market engineering for over 40 years.

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